Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Card ANWB

After a successful introduction of the ANWB Blijven Cycling Insurance last year, a direct mail with Pop-Up V-fold was used to inform bicycle sellers of the new options within the insurance. In the middle of the card is a large Pop-Up V-fold that immediately attracts attention. As a result, the reader is immediately informed of the biggest change within the insurance. From now on it is also possible for consumers who are not members of the ANWB to take out the Staying Cycling Insurance.

Pop-up V-fold mailing ANWB

Surprising Pop-Up V-fold effect

With the nice simple look of the Pop-Up V-fold mailing, opening the Pop Up Card for an extra striking effect. This makes the message clear at once. In this case, the pop-up not only explained the developments within the insurance policy, but also made the effectiveness of the insurance immediately visible.

Your own Pop-up Card with V-fold?

The Pop-Up V-fold card is available in several sizes. In addition, the mailing is suitable for many different purposes. With a standard size of 200mm by 200mm, sufficient space is provided for your special message. In addition to the standard free envelope, it is possible to include a full-colour, die-cut envelope with the mailing. This closes the envelope nicely with your message.

The Pop-Up V-fold card is just one of the options for this direct mail that you can have us deliver. For example, do you prefer to send your message by bottle? Or do you want a message that literally jumps out, such as the Out of the Box Card? That's certainly possible. Thanks to our many years of experience with direct mailings, we can offer options that perfectly match what you have in mind.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of the Pop-Up V-fold card, or would you like to know which of our products best suits your message? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to tell you more.