Custom made direct mailing Christmas mailing PF Concept

PF Concept is one of the largest parties in Europe when it comes to business gifts. For this reason, Christmas is a busy period due to the increasing demand for Christmas packages and end-of-year gifts. To inform their customers about the new Christmas assortment, they have developed a custom made direct mailing in collaboration with Locomail. In this blog you can read all about the effect of this mailing and the other options for Christmas and end-of-year mailings.

PF Concept

PF Concept came up with the idea to make a custom made direct mailing in the form of an LP cover. The PF Concept direct mailing was sent to approximately 6,000 customers in Europe. It was important to convey the announcement to the target group as well as possible. The unique map in combination with interactive elements will effectively convey the message. The attention of the recipient is immediately drawn and held. There are also interactive elements in this direct mailing, such as a Spotify code that the recipient can scan. After scanning, this person will end up on a playlist of your choice. In addition, there is also a card in the form of an LP in the cover that the recipient can remove himself. This action will draw attention to this card for longer.

Also own idea for one custom-made direct mailing? Together with us, realize a unique and eye-catching mailing with a surprise effect, so that your mailing will receive a demonstrably high response.

Christmas and end-of-year mailings

In addition to the custom-made direct mailing, we offer many more Christmas and end-of-year mailings. Think of a music card with Christmas music or an out of the box card with confetti. Curious about our entire Christmas range? Look at here the full overview. It is also possible to request a no-obligation quotation or a sample box to request.