The Utrecht company Locomix makes in the Netherlands unique invitations. The Turning Card looks like a normal card, but has no fewer than four sides. By folding the card every time, the 'secret' sides come to light. Read more about this folding technique!

The Turning Card is used, among other things, as an invitation to an event, announcing a new house style, as a brochure for companies and as a teaser at a trade fair. The reactions are positive: People like to touch the card and play with it for a while. They also want to discover how the folding process works exactly. The card does not immediately disappear in the trash, but is carefully examined for a longer period of time.

Case merger of Egmond Groep Turning Card

Specially designed card

The cards are designed per company. The Turning Card invitation has 4 pages that rotate. The information (text and image) is divided over these 4 pages. So there is a lot of space for information, photos and a logo. The card has a great attention value, because the recipient has to turn the card four times. This makes the message even more effective.

Fast delivery

Because the direct mailing is produced entirely in-house, the delivery time is only 5 to 10 working days after delivery/approval of the files and possibly a real proof. It is also possible to place an urgent order for this direct mailing. In addition, the cards can be ordered in small quantities, from 20 pieces. The paper of the Turning card is available in one type: glossy white.

Original business card

The Turning Card comes in five sizes, from mega to mini version. The Turning Card is therefore also like original business card to order. This unique card is certainly not thrown away by the recipient, but is well kept. The reactions are always positive, on this original design. The original business card has the same size as a normal business card, but has four sides due to the folding technique. This means, for example, that there is room for a photo, name and address details, QR code and social media details.