Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box

Sometimes such original ideas and products come along that they deserve more attention. This is also the case with Friendship, which itself came up with a unique idea for our Mega Out of the Box card. The customer indicated that they would like to use large dice for an event. However, large foam dice were over budget. That is why the customer has asked LocoMail about the possibilities of a large cube with dice printing. Read more about this original case of the Out of the Box Dice.

Photos Dice during customer event

Out of the Box dice without an envelope

Since the customer Mega Out of the Box card with dice design was not going to use as Direct Mailing, the question was whether the cards could also be delivered without an envelope. This was of course no problem. The Mega Dice had a size of 150x150xmm, which is standard for the Mega Out of the Box card. The design was printed in full color red and white on all sides of the cube. Thus, the Pop Up Cube Mega resembled a large dice.


The customer has purchased 1500 copies of the dice. All dice were delivered as normal the cube goes in the envelope. This means that the cube is delivered flat, with an elastic band inside. This elastic ensures that, when the cube gets the chance, the cube shoots into its full shape. This cube is also not easy to flatten anymore, making it extremely suitable for the event where these cubes would be used. At the event, a small room was filled with the cubes produced by LocoMail. Visitors to the event were asked to guess how many dice were in the room. Unique and we at LocoMail think this is a special application of our Mega Out of the Box.

Do you also have a special interpretation in mind for one of our Direct Mail Cards? Ask for the possibilities. We are happy to speak to you via telephone or email.