By using the MoveCard, Ahoy lets you know what kind of events can take place in the event building. In the MoveCard, Ahoy shows which companies held an event in the building in the past year. Each card in the MoveCard contains an event that took place last year. In total there are four events listed in the MoveCard. This eye-catching mail gives the possibility to print 9 separate cards, so that you can put a lot of information on this original self-mailer, more than on other direct mailing products.

How does this original self-mailer work?

The MoveCard original self-mailer works as follows: the self-mailer is opened and contains a short introduction. You can grab the card on the right side and pull it out of the envelope. As a result, the pages turn automatically and a new card appears every time. This happens up to four times and as soon as the entire card is extended, you can also add information to it. This way you have a total of 11 areas on the MoveCard that you can have printed. As a result, you do not have to send a cover letter with the original self-mailer. Ahoy has chosen to describe four events and to add an image to print on the 9 tickets. This product is called a self-mailer because the direct mail does not have to be in an envelope. The address details are processed on the mailer itself, and it can therefore be sent by post without an envelope.

Options for the MoveCard

The MoveCard has many different options. You can send it as an invitation to a trade fair, as an end-of-year mailing or New Year's mailing, to provide information and to inform people that, for example, a new event is coming up for which people have to register. Will you have one soon original direct mail necessary for your company, then the MoveCard might also be the direct mailing product for you. If you would like more information about the MoveCard, please contact us. You can also request a quote without obligation.