lamella card Shell

The cooperation between Shell and BMW has been extended until 2017. Shell wanted to inform the BMW Business Partners of this by means of an original mailing. And the mailing has certainly become original, because it is a combination of a mega slat card and a pop-up card. You can read in this blog exactly how this card came to look and what the benefits are.

A striking and interactive mailing

As mentioned, the direct mailing of Shell become a combination between two different types of cards: a slat card and a Pop-up Card. The pop-up part is made in the shape of a BMW racing car. In addition, the exchange image is used as an announcement of a giveaway. The moment the recipient pulls the label, it is announced whether he or she has won a DTM VIP ticket. Because of course not everyone can be the lucky one, two variants of the card have been made: for the people who did win and for the people who didn't win.

Due to the size of the card, there is enough space to include a text in both Dutch and French. In this way, no more variants of the map had to be made. This is very useful when the target group speaks several languages.

lamella card Shell

All possibilities of the Mega slat card

The mega slat card immediately grabs the recipient's attention. This is due to both the size of the map and the pop-up area. After attention has been drawn, curiosity will be aroused by the alternate image. The recipient will wonder whether he or she has become one of the winners of the VIP ticket. The slat card, also known as change card, is the perfect solution if you want to announce something in an original way or if you want to show the difference between an old and a new situation.

lamella card Shell

Do you have news of your own that requires a striking announcement? Then ask one quotation for the (mega) slat card. You can also use one sample box so that you can experience this mailing yourself. We are available for questions or comments at or 030 – 26 18 086.