Half a century of Hollander Techniek: the big anniversary year!

In the world of groundbreaking technology and innovation, Hollander Techniek has been at the top for almost half a century. With their 49e anniversary in sight, they wanted to not only celebrate this milestone, but also make a promising announcement for the upcoming year of celebrations. September 2024 marks the beginning of the anniversary year in which Hollander Techniek will organise fascinating and fun activities for their employees, customers and associates.

For this special occasion, Hollander Techniek, after being advised by D&B Eventmarketing, came to LocoMail's expertise and decided to use the Printed card. This interactive card, with its expression and puzzle effect, offers the perfect combination of creativity and functionality. The Print Card can be fully personalised to a company's requirements.

Hollander Techniek chose a design featuring their new work bus. It was up to the recipient themselves to put it together. The garlands, candles and the text " Hooray! Hollander Techniek exists 49 years" on the card ensured that the message was immediately clear: party! This interactive and festive approach not only made the celebration tangible, but also invited participation.

Recipients are not only included in the festivities of the moment, but are also invited to look ahead together to the coming year full of groundbreaking technology. The choice of the Drukkaart as a medium once again proved the versatility and effectiveness of creative mailings. Hollander Techniek demonstrated that a well-designed Printcard can not only convey information, but also evoke emotion and anticipation.

If your company is looking for a unique way to celebrate a milestone or make an announcement, don't hesitate to Contact with us. Together, we can find creative solutions that perfectly fit your business and goals!