offline marketing 

Offline marketing is certainly still effective. We often get the question of offline marketing, too direct mail, still produces results. This is certainly the case. More than once it is thought that today's consumer can only be reached online, for example via social media advertisements. Many companies are therefore wholly or partly engaged in online marketing. This in turn creates more opportunities to make an impression with offline marketing. LocoMail is happy to help you with this.  

Offline marketing that really makes an impression 

A few years ago, consumers often received piles of brochures on their mats at the same time. The advertising material was not very original and, quite frankly, often disappeared straight into the paper bin. These times are over. Right now is the time to impress with offline marketing. At LocoMail we offer you several great options to achieve real impact with your specific target group through direct mail. This can include the following types of offline marketing: 

  • Move cards 
  • Pop up cards 
  • Turn cards 
  • Mailbox boxes 
  • Music cards  

Unique direct mailing that makes people happy 

At LocoMail we like to provide direct mail that really impresses the target group. If you want to benefit from the use of offline marketing, we are happy to ensure an optimal impact. For example, we offer you many interesting direct mailing products that really make people happy, such as cubes that are easily converted into a handy pen holder. By tackling your offline marketing in a unique way, together with us, you can make the right impression on your target group. You reap the benefits of that. Of course you always have a wide choice of products with us, which we can realize for you entirely on the basis of your wishes and requirements.  

Ample possibilities for offline marketing via LocoMail 

This is the time to make a good impression on your target group through offline marketing. Of course you want to achieve an optimal result with all your marketing activities. We are here to contribute to that, by offering you professional offline marketing products that are unique and eye-catching. In this way we help you reach your target group and achieve the results you have in mind. Get acquainted online with the extensive possibilities for offline marketing and request a quote from us without obligation. Would you like to know more first? Please rest assured Contact with us. We are happy to inform and advise you.  


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