Offline Communication  

Offline communication is essential for companies that want to grow and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Direct mail is an effective way to improve offline communication and increase customer loyalty. At Locomail you can find various products that take your offline communication to a higher level. This article discusses two products in detail: the cube pen holder and the move card. 

The cube pen holder 

The cube pen holder is a Locomail product that improves your offline communication in a unique way. This product has a stylish appearance. In addition to the nice Out of the Box surprise effect, you immediately give the recipient a gift. This will certainly be appreciated. The pen holder offers a large capacity with space for six different pens and is available in a completely custom design, making it a perfect addition to any office environment.  

The Move Card 

The move card is another product of ours that takes your offline communication to the next level. The move card is a card with a unique function. As soon as the recipient gently pulls the protruding card, the pages turn automatically. With this unique effect, the recipient will be pleasantly surprised. This product is available in different sizes and styles. Why this form of direct mail is a good solution for business mailing? Because, due to the large number of pages, you have a lot of space for information about your product or service. 

How direct mail improves your offline communication 

Direct mail is an effective way to improve your offline communication. Direct mail allows you to send direct and personal messages to customers, strengthening your customer loyalty. Direct mail also allows you to create eye-catching advertising campaigns that appeal to your customers and ensure that your company is remembered. Moreover, it is also a sustainable way to reach customers, because it can be reused. 

How Locomail improves your direct mail 

It is important for companies to make their direct mail campaigns professional. We offer a wide range of products that will take your direct mail campaigns to the next level. With our cube pen holder and move card you can present your direct mail messages in a way that engages your customers and ensures that your company is remembered. Differentiate your business from the competition with our wide range of direct mailings. 

Do you have questions about which offline communication product is best for your company? Please rest assured Contact with our professionals. They are happy to help and advise you to create the perfect direct mail for you. 

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