Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Cube Thank You Office and Copy

To thank business relations for the past year and to wish them happy holidays, Office and Copy has chosen to have a Pop-up Cube made at LocoMail. The Pop-up Cube small is a popular direct mail widely sold at LocoMail. That's because you can expect a high attention value due to the unique surprise effect of this direct mail. In addition, you can put a lot of information on this direct mail.


The envelope of this direct mail is printed in blue and has a festive look. The envelope reads "Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year." You can open the envelope by pulling the strip on the side of the direct mail. When you have pulled the strip, the cube pops out of the envelope. What makes this Pop-up Cube so special is that it is laminated. This gives the direct mail a glossy effect instead of the standard matte effect. This direct mail was commissioned by Office and Copy and has an edition of 500 copies.


Office and Copy has incorporated their house style well into this direct mail. Blue and yellow are the primary colors in this. They also use these colors on the website.

Direct mail can be used for many different purposes. Companies mainly use direct mail to thank customers or to introduce a new product. Direct mail from LocoMail distinguishes itself from normal mailings, because the unique style and surprise effect of the direct mail means that the mailing has a higher attention value. Sending direct mail ensures that you can approach a large group of people quickly and personally in a short time.

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