O2 Communications sends an oil ball of appreciation!

In the vibrant city of Utrecht, it chose O2 Communications for a remarkable end to the year. As the end of the year approached, they wanted to not only express their appreciation to their valued associates, but also add a cheerful touch to the upcoming festive season. The goal was clear: an end-of-year mailing that would not soon be forgotten.

With this idea, O2 Communications turned to LocoMail, relying on their expertise in creating eye-catching and unique mailings. The concept was clear: A Pop-up Cube, designed as an oil ball. Upon opening the envelope, this oil ball happily popped out, accompanied by white confetti that symbolised icing sugar. A playful and original way to not only convey gratitude, but also put a smile on the recipient's face.

The Pop-up Cube in the shape of an oil ball was not only visually appealing, but also provided an interactive and playful experience when opening the mailing. The white confetti, symbolising icing sugar, added an extra festive element to the whole thing.

The response to the mailing was extremely positive. Recipients were pleasantly surprised by the creativity and originality of the Pop-up Cube. O2 Communications' end-of-year thank-you gift was appreciated not only for its message of gratitude, but also because it created a lasting, happy memory for everyone who received it.

The collaboration between O2 Communications and LocoMail demonstrated the power of originality and the ability to leave a lasting impression with a unique and eye-catching mailing. For O2 Communications, this end-of-year mailing was a successful way to end the year in style and leave a positive memory with their business contacts.

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