Case Direct Mailing Slide Card Mercedes

The Lock Sliding card direct mail is the latest variant of the Slider Cards and Mercedes made perfect use of that. By pulling the right panel, a window with a message appears on the left side. In this case, Mercedes used the following message: 'Good luck on our trucks! View all promos on:' Due to the lock in this sliding card, the message on the draw sheet remains visible while the second panel with the window with the message comes into view.

Mercedes Lock Sliding Card
Mercedes – Lock Sliding Card Direct Mail

Arouses curiosity

The striking Lock Sliding card direct mail can be printed in full color on both the front and back. In addition, this direct mail arouses curiosity in the recipient, because when you see the sliding card you immediately want to know what happens when you pull the panel.

Mercedes has the Lock Slide card direct mail used to promote their brake pads. At the front they attract attention with an attractive message and at the back they further explain this information.

The Lock Sliding card direct mail can be used any format are made and used for different purposes. Where Mercedes has used it to promote a product, it can also be used to introduce a new product or name. The advantage of this direct mailing is that you can put information on both the front and back. This way you can attract the attention of the recipient at the front and explain the message in the background. The Lock in this sliding card keeps all information visible when you pull the panel. As a result, you really stand out as a company and surprise your customers in an original way.

Good to know:

  • The size of this direct mailing is A5.
  • The shape of the pull panel can be made in any desired format.
  • The Sliding Card can be fully personalized.
  • The Slider Card can be sent in different ways. You can send it without an envelope, so as a self-mailer. If you prefer an envelope or sealing for protection, we can also provide that.