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The direct mail products already offered the possibility to tailor the design completely to your personal wishes. But now it is also possible to choose between different finishes with the Klapkaart. Our Klapkaart is printed digitally as standard, but can also be printed in large numbers and possibly finished with matt or gloss laminate.

First of all, you can digitally print the Klapkaart (see left on the photo) and offset print (see right on the photo). The choice of printing or printing depends on several elements. When it has been decided whether the Klapkaart will be printed or printed, you can choose to laminate the direct mailing products. Read more about the different finishing options below.

Digital printing Folding card

When the design is digitally printed on, for example, the Folding card is set, for example, areas of color will look grainy up close. This method of printing is suitable for orders with a small print run. In addition, digital printing is ideal when it comes to printing that needs to be printed quickly and personalized printing.

Folding card offset printing

Offset printing lends itself well to printing with a very high circulation and printing where color fastness is very important. Because, in contrast to color areas that are printed digitally, a color area that is offset printed does not create a grainy whole. Because the color area is offset printed, the color area consists of a whole. Even up close, there is no speck or color difference to be discovered on the Klapkaart, for example, with this way of finishing. When color and color blocks are central to your mailing, you don't have to worry about how the colors appear with offset printing. Offset printing guarantees full color areas on a direct mailing product such as the Klapkaart.

Laminating Folding Card

Do you want to change the look of the Klapkaart? Then you can choose different ways of laminating. You can have products that are printed digitally as well as products that are offset printed laminated. You then have two options for the finish: you can opt for matt or gloss lamination. For example, give your Klapkaart a chic look by opting for matt lamination.

The choice of finishing and printing depends on the communication message, the chosen direct mailing product and personal preferences. In addition, there are a number of other factors that play a role in determining the method of printing, such as the size of the print run. The finish is part of the direct mail Folding card that deserves just as much attention as the communication message. Are you unsure which way of finishing best suits your direct mailing? Please contact one of our employees, they will be happy to think along with you.

The example of the Turning Card

The Turning Card, also known as the Klapkaart, may look a bit ordinary at first glance. But beware: the Turning Card consists of four pages, with a new message emerging with every fold. Your communication message is hidden in the Klapkaart and your customer or relation must discover it for himself. Available in different formats: from business cards to brochure format.