Case Direct Mailing Music Card Qlimax Qdance

Qlimax is an annual indoor party organized by Q-dance, where there is speculation about the theme, the artists and the anthem maker of the year well in advance. Beginning August 1, the party began releasing hints for fans to take action. For a number of fans, a very special hint fell on the doormat. By means of a Music Card direct mail, these lucky ones received a hint about the anthem maker. You can read more about how that worked here.

Music Card Case Qlimax

A unique Music Card Direct Mail as a secret hint

Guessing the theme and the artists is an annual part of the build-up to Qlimax. The Music Card direct mail was used in a limited edition of 250 pieces to really give fans further hints. The card was therefore quickly picked up on the internet as a hint for the anthem maker B-Front. The card contained subtle hints that, in conjunction with the music, should get the reader in the mood for the annual party. Because the style of Qlimax 2019 – Symphony of Shadows had a certain look, the effect of the card would be lost when printed on normal paper. That is why in this case 300 grams of Keaycolour was chosen, which created a dramatic look that matched the online expressions of Q-dance.

The specs for this card were:

  • Finished size: 147x147mm
  • Unfolded size: 147x294mm
  • Material: 300 grams Keaycolour
  • Weight: 42 grams including envelope

More options

In this case, the surprise element of the Muziekkaart direct mail was used by Qlimax to contribute to the tension building for the party. In addition, this sound card can be used in many other ways to convey your unique message. Think of announcing a new product or presenting it as an invitation. At LocoMail we specialize in original direct mailing products. Do you have any questions about how best to convey your message, or are you interested in the Muziekkaart? Please do not hesitate to contact us, or request a free demo package. We are happy to help you.