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Is your company moving soon and do you need a Relocation card company? Then read on. An example of such a moving card company is ESH's direct mail. They wanted to announce their move in an original way and did so with the Turning Card.

Turning Card ESH

By means of a full color printed envelope in the shape of a cardboard moving box, this Moving Card company immediately stands out. The fact that ESH is going to move has been used in an original way in combination with a moving box as a design. When the recipient opens the envelope, he will see the Turning Card in the envelope in the same design. Here too, attention is immediately drawn with a short but powerful text and invites the recipient to continue reading.

For a direct mail like this you can go either way. You can make the mailing as personal as you want. The Turning Card 12 x 16 is a card that can be turned infinitely and can therefore be used for various purposes. A few examples are: introducing a new house style, product or such as ESH as a moving card company. Because the Turning Card direct mail can be rotated indefinitely, you can also store a lot of information in the various areas.

ESH Turning Card

Turning Card Properties

For example, ESH has placed a short introduction on the front and as soon as the recipient opens the card, there is information about the new building they have moved to. A number of important features of this Moving Card company and thus the Turning Card are that you can fill four pages with information and images. In addition, you can have us address your mailing at an additional cost and we will process the name and address details on the envelope.

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