Case Direct Mailing MoveCard Red Cross Belgium

MoveCard Red Cross

Commissioned by TomaCom, a strategic consultancy firm, we made a nice direct mail for the Red Cross in Belgium. The MoveCard has been used to write to registered donors at the Belgian Red Cross-Flanders to provide more information about the various steps involved in donating to 'Code Red'. TomaCom and the Red Cross have turned it into a strong story and we want to tell you more about it in this blog.

The MoveCard is a very strong DM if you want to tell a story. And how nice should that be if it is also presented in a unique way? As indicated, the MoveCard of the Red Cross is special. Why? Simply because it describes a story that is relevant today. The DM uses the story of Alex, who is still alive thanks to the donated blood. The storytelling explains very clearly why involvement is so important and how everything works when you are called upon to donate blood. In addition to the DM, recipients of the MoveCard can also find more information on the website of the Red Cross. By pulling the draw sheet, you can leaf through the self-reading booklet. Page by page, people discover everything about what they signed up for.

Red Cross MoveCard

Why choose a unique MoveCard?

The MoveCard can be used for various marketing and communication purposes. The unique surprise effect ensures that your DM gets the attention it deserves. The nice thing about this card is that it is already available from 50 pieces, so you can also use it for very special occasions or make a small selection from your customer base.

Do you have something of great news value? A special story that needs to be told in a special way? The MoveCard offers possibilities. The MoveCard is available with nine and 11 pages that you can fill in according to your own wishes. The MoveCard ensures a high attention value for your employees, customers and/or relations.