Case Direct Mailing Movecard Selfmailer Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare, market leader in innovative implants and dental treatments, has chosen the Movecard to highlight new implants and crowns. This new way of placing implants has several advantages and these are explained in the nine full color printed pages inside the MoveCard. But the Movecard produced for Nobel Biocare is not just informative! A personal invitation to the Launch Event can also be found on the back of this playful email. If this direct mail is not multifunctional?!

Movecard a multifunctional direct mail

The Move Card may look a bit more ordinary than other direct mail products, but the versatility of this direct mail will surprise you. The Movecard has a playful surprise effect and, like our other direct mail products, creates a lasting memory. When the tab is pulled, the nine full color printed pages turn automatically. The Movecard tells a story, your story. Enough information and images can be displayed on the different pages. In addition, the Movecard has another advantage: this direct mail is a self-mailer. This means that you can save enormously on postage costs! The Movecard can be completely configured to your message. For example, use your house style and logo and make the Movecard your own.

Is the Movecard suitable for your mailing?

Do you want to reach your target group in an original way? And are you tired of the standard brochures and mailing products? Then you have come to the right place! See what the Movecard or one of our other direct mail  products for your direct marketing campaign. Request a free sample and/or a non-binding quote via our website or contact one of our employees. They are happy to think along with you to set up a successful direct mail.