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The described cases discuss successful direct mail examples. This includes the case of Bureau ICE, an independent provider of reliable and high-quality tests and exams for primary education, vocational education, higher education, NT2 education and the business community. They have used our playful Movecard as an informative direct mail. In the nine full-colour printed pages of the Movecard, Bureau ICE provides tips and information about drawing up a high-quality test.

Move card one revolutionary direct mail example

The Move Card may look a bit more ordinary than other direct mail examples at first glance, but you will be surprised! This direct mailing product uses a playful surprise effect that provides a lasting memory, just like other direct mail examples. What is the surprise effect? When you pull the tab, the nine full-color printed pages turn automatically. This creates an incredibly playful effect and literally tells your message. A unique solution to approach your target group in an efficient and original way. The Movecard is a self-mailer; this means that this product is light with shipping, which saves on postage costs. Two birds with one stone: an original interaction with your target group and saving on postage costs! Just like the other direct mail examples, you can design this to your own message and taste. Both the inside and outside of the Movecard self-mailer can be printed in full colour, this also applies to the pages.

What can our DM products do for you

Are you tired of the standard brochures and are you looking for something original? Or are you looking for an original invitation? Then we can be of service with our fun Movecard or be inspired by our others direct mail examples. Let your message become a lasting memory! Request a free sample and/or a non-binding quote via our website or contact one of our employees. They are happy to think along with you to set up a successful mailing. 

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