Case Direct Mailing Bottle Mail Ricoh

Ricoh is one of the largest sales and service networks for products and services with IT & document management solutions. The company focuses on optimizing information flows within and between organizations. In addition, they are suppliers of various printers. Through the direct mail bottle mail Ricoh has attracted the attention of its customers to a new product in their range: the Ricoh MP 305+SP(F) printer. The sticker on the bottle only says 'Message important'. Because nothing further of the message of the DM production is revealed yet, this arouses curiosity in the recipient. Only when the recipient takes the letter out of the bottle will he or she know what the exact message is. Colors have been played on the map itself to draw attention to certain elements. Everything is colored black and white, except for the new generation touchscreen that the printer has.original-DM-production-bottle mail

An original DM production with a new product

The Bottle Mail is an ideal and eye-catching DM production to use to announce a new product. You can have a product photo printed on the card with the accompanying message, information and call-to-action. The product will attract the attention of the recipient due to the authentic shape of the Bottle Mail. This, in combination with the text on the sticker: “Important message”, will certainly trigger the recipient to open the mailing quickly and to examine it carefully. Ricoh has opted for double-sided bilingual printing of the card, completely in its own house style. The bottle itself also bears the corporate identity of the company. By choosing double-sided printing, a lot of information can be given. In addition to this choice, you can also choose white, sand or beige parchment to complete the message in a bottle.

Other purposes for which the Bottle Mail can be used is, for example, as a giveaway or as an invitation to a party or company event. The bottle is made of plastic so that your message remains undamaged. In addition, the bottles will quickly fall on the doormats of your recipients, because LocoMail's DM production process takes place at one location. This allows us to switch quickly and send your direct mail quickly with the help of our home workers. Due to the attention drawn to your message due to the eye-catching mailing, the response to your DM will be high and the recipient will certainly be surprised.

Were you also thinking about an authentic DM production and are you enthusiastic about this Message in a Bottle? Then request a non-binding offer. If you have any questions about the possibilities, our employees are at your service. Also read the others cases direct mail to read what our DM products can all be used for.