Case Direct Mailing Twin Slider Sliding Card De Haardt

De Haardt develops and produces safety and time registration systems for go-kart tracks. With the mailing they sent, they not only announce their new logo, but also the two newest products of de Haardt. The manual sliding card is the perfect tool for this. The card offers a lot of space for communication messages. In this case we show you how De Haardt used the Twin Slider card.

3 – 2 – 1 GO!

De Haardt has chosen to use the two sides of the card for different introductions. With the text 'Curious about the new logo of De Haardt..?' on the one hand, De Haardt introduces its new logo. When the recipient pulls the 'pull here' thumb grip, the old logo slides out on the left and the new logo on the right.

Manual slide card De Haardt

On the back of the card, with the text 'Curious about the new products of De Haardt..?', the two newest products of De Haardt are introduced. When the 'pull here' thumb grip is pulled, a card with information about the 'Xtra.RFID Reader' slides out on the left side and a card with information about the 'Xtra.IO Extender' on the right side.

This shows that the card offers many possibilities for different communication messages. On the Twin Slider slide-out card they can be processed perfectly on one card. The manual sliding card is not only perfect as a means of announcing a new product or logo, but also serves excellently as gift packaging. It is a typical product that attracts attention and with which a lot of information is suddenly visible with one simple action.

The entire slide-out card can be printed in full color and is also a self-mailer. This means that it is possible to send the card without an envelope. A sealing sticker is then placed on the thumb grip of the card to prevent the card from sliding out during shipment.

De Haardt manual slide card

Manual Sliding Card vs WingsCard

If you are familiar with our products, you may have noticed that the Twin Slider is very similar to the WingsCard direct mal. With both mailing products, panels slide out of the card. However, there is indeed a difference between the cards. The WingsCard has a very high surprise effect. When the card is removed from the envelope, the side panels will slide right out. The Twin Slider sliding card, however, is a manual mechanism. The effect of the WingsCard is a good way to surprise the recipient once, the Twin Slider can be pushed in and out again and again.

Another important difference is the way of sending. The Twin Slider is a self-mailer and can therefore be posted without an envelope, making it immediately clear to the recipient what he or she has in hand. The WingsCard can only be sent in an envelope, which keeps the recipient in suspense a little longer.

Would you like to send a slide-out card yourself?

Has the slide-out card caught your attention? Our colleagues are happy to think along with you about which mailing product, the Twin Slider or the WingsCard, best suits your communication message. But maybe you have a preference yourself, we'd love to hear it! Do you also want to convince others of the effect of the pull-out card? Then request a free sample package so that you can show the effect to your colleagues, for example. Are you already convinced? Request a quote for your own pull-out card mailing!