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Do you have a gadget that needs packaging? Divese products that must be provided with foil as one package? Or other assignments that require action? LocoHandling is the solution to deploy your production/packaging activities. Thanks to our graphic knowledge and expertise, among other things, we are able to find the desired solution for every assignment and to offer competitive rates for your production activities. LocoHandling acts quickly but maintains an eye for quality, good finishing and service.

The main driving force behind LocoHandling is a large group of motivated homeworkers. By using home workers, we are able to realize your productions at a relatively low rate and short lead times. We ensure that assignments with an impossible deadline, in combination with homeworkers, are feasible. No order is too crazy for us! LocoHandling also offers other services: graphic finishing, assembling products including sealing products. We briefly explain these services below:

Graphic finish

A lot of printed matter has to be finished manually. Punching, creasing, cutting, folding and gluing; it all belongs to the graphic finishing options of LocoHandling. Consider, for example, the graphic finish of a direct mail product, which must also be assembled in addition to being punched and scored. Our production staff, with an eye for detail and more than 12 years of experience, combine the elements into the desired end product. Whatever post-processing your handling requires, we have a suitable solution for every job. Our professional machines, skilled employees and quality control make our graphic finishing department suitable for any handling assignment.

Assembling products

Packaging and packaging of products and goods must be done carefully. This way the products are protected during transport and they arrive at the end user as intended. In addition to protecting, packing and packaging products has another purpose. When you have your products sealed or sealed-shrink, this not only provides a protective layer, the foil as packaging material also gives the product a different look. Whether it concerns repacking or packaging products in boxes, sealing and shrinking your products, LocoHandling is the partner for all your production and packaging activities. You can go to LocoHandling for more information about the services we can provide.

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