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Cato is committed to helping elderly people stay healthy and live independently for as long as possible. In Cato's senior residences, they offer people who need a protected living environment extra help and support in a pleasant home. Sincere care and personal attention to the well-being of the elderly is Cato's trademark. They incorporate this in the way the homes are furnished, how care is arranged and how they interact with the residents and each other. Direct marketing was chosen to draw attention to Cato's core values.

Direct marketing and direct mail

Direct marketing involves a direct approach to a potential customer or relation. One of the ways to approach customers and relations directly is through direct mail. This is therefore the way Cato has used. Cato chose to make its core values (attention, responsibility, reliability) clear in the direct mail. The direct mail used as direct marketing is the Turning Card.

A Turning Card direct mail is effective for direct marketing. The at first sight simple-looking mailing, surprises the recipient! This is because the message is hidden, and the recipient has to discover it for himself. With every fold, a new part of the message becomes visible. The 13×13 cm Turning Card contains all the information Cato wanted to share with customers, colleagues, volunteers and external relations. But the Turning Card is also a suitable direct mail for larger communication messages. In fact, this direct mail is available in 7 different formats; from business card size to 20×20 centimetres.

Looking for the perfect direct mail for your direct marketing campaign?

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