Case Direct Mailing Tony Chocolonely Kärcher

To thank Kärcher customers who spent a minimum amount during last year's summer promotion, Kärcher sent them a gift box. Depending on the amount spent, Kärcher sent a box with 2, 3 or 4 Tony's Chocolonely bars. A delicious treat in a unique package. Wondering how this product came about? Then read on!


The gift has a wrapper with the Kärcher logo and a personalised text. You can open the box by pulling the tabs on the front of the package. Once you have opened the box, the first thing you will see is a card. On that card are the different flavours of the Tony's Chocolonely chocolate bars. Under that card, you will find the Tony Chocolonely bars and a Kärcher pen. The quote "Crazy about chocolate, serious about cleaning" appears several times in this direct mail. You can see this quote on the card and on the chocolate bars. The purpose of this package is purely to thank the customer and once again draw attention to the brand, in a positive way! In addition, the nice thing is that this package contains something tasty and something fun, so that the customer will think of Kärcher even after eating the chocolate.


For this direct mail, Kärcher properly incorporated the corporate identity into the concept. In this way, this product became all its own! Kärcher also uses these colours for their website and most products also have these colours.

Direct mail is used for many different purposes, such as to thank customers or to introduce a new product. LocoMail direct mail differs from normal mailings because the unique style of direct mail makes it more attention-grabbing. Sending direct mail allows you to quickly and personally approach a large group of people in a short period of time.

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