Case Direct Mailing 5Card Selfmailer Julianahoeve

Julianahoeve approached us to create a direct mail product to inform customers about the campsite. The choice fell on our 5-Card, a unique and effective self-mailer. Are you curious about what choices Julianahoeve made for this fold-out map and what the possibilities are? Then read on quickly.


The 5-Card is a fold-out card that consists of 5 sections. With every plane you unfold, new information appears. Each surface has two sides on which you can place information. So in total you have 10 sides to put information on.

Julianahoeve family campsite opted for one 5 Card of 100 by 150 mm with perforations, or tear lines. Tear lines are ideal if you want to process vouchers in the 5-Card. That is what Julianahoeve has done. They opted for 3 vouchers, which could easily be torn off using the tear lines.

The 5-card has a standard size of 100 by 150 mm, but can also be ordered in other sizes. It is a lightweight card that consists of sturdy paper with a shine. The card is closed with a sealing seal. This self-mailer can be used for all kinds of purposes. Think of a Christmas card for business customers or a exhibition invitation.


An extra option you have is to add 4 insert cards. This is useful when you want to add extra information, but these cards can also be used as a VIP invitation, for example. You can also personalize the 5-Card with the name of your customer. Finally, you also have the option of packing the 5-Cards in a standard envelope and inking them.

Do you need additional information about our 5-Card? Please rest assured Contact with us. Or request one without obligation quotation On. For customers who still want to orient themselves on our direct mail products we have a special sample box. You determine the content yourself. You can also request this without obligation.