Case Direct Mailing ChangeCard Lamella card Oticon

The international organization Oticon develops and produces hearing aids. They think, work and develop 'People First'. Oticon uses advanced techniques to make sure everyone is able to hear at their best. Now they launched their latest innovative product: the Oticon Opn™. LocoMail created a suiting direct mail design for this event, both in Italian and Dutch.

Using direct mail to strengthen your message

The new Oticon Opn™ makes a big difference for people with hearing loss. In the past, hearing aids focused on just one speaker. This causes a lot of information loss. The people who wear the Oticon Opn™ don't have to face this problem. From now one people with auditory impairment will be involved in any conversation. In order to introduce this improvement to international suppliers of the hearing aid, LocoMail developed an appropriate Manual Dissolver.

Direct Mailer Oticon Manual Dissolver

LocoMails Manual Dissolver is a great example of striking direct mail. On the outside it looks like a regular card, but if you pull the tab the image inside the card changes. The first image shown to the receivers is the “former world” of the hearing impaired people. When the tab is pulled, the “new world” is shown.

This visually support strengthens the message which is sent: this new hearing aid opens up the world for hearing impaired people. The Manual Dissolver is the perfect direct mail product to introduce for example a new product, a new house style or a merger.

Possibility to design your DM in multiple languages

LocoMail is capable of designing your direct mail in multiple languages. Are you an international company announcing something big? Then it is important to let all your suppliers, business relations and employees know. In cooperation with our client we are able to design one DM product in different languages. The Manual Dissolver as well as the envelope can be designed in your house style.

Should you have any questions about the options for your organisation, please contact our employees. They are happy to help you find the right direct mail product for you.