Case Direct Mailing Wobble Card Bekhterev

The Bechterew foundation has the Wobble card used as direct mail to promote their new application. It is a foundation that is committed to people who have Bekhterev's disease. A card with a striking shape has been chosen, namely an iPhone. A screenshot of the app can be seen on the iPhone.

Wobble Card as direct mail

The Wobble Card is an all-in concept from LocoMail. With this DM you will receive a full color printed card, full color envelope and a standard wobble shape. It is possible to choose a customize wobble. You can connect the wobble that is placed on the spring to your communication message as Bekhterev did. This strengthens your message and makes it one whole. It is a fun concept that is innovative and original. Do you have a special message? This direct mail offers you endless possibilities and you can present your message in a creative way.

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