Case Direct Mailing Twin Slider Slide-out Card CrossOver

CrossOver has used the Twin Slider Sliding Card as Direct mail. CrossOver has chosen to use this informative mailing, so that they can easily transfer a lot of information to the recipient. The Twin slider is an effective and informative mailing that allows you to approach your recipients in a unique way.

On the outside of the card is briefly explained what CrossOver is going to talk about. The CrossOver logo is also printed on the outside. There is an opening on the right side of the card. If you pull on that opening, the two sides will slide out. On one side it is stated how the new colleagues can best be trained. On the other side are tips on how to properly arrange the policy.

The Twin slider Direct mail ensures that you can transfer a lot of information in a clear way to the recipient in an original way. On the outside of the card you can see what the content is about. On the inside you can read the tips about the policy and mentoring. The card provides tips on how to train and guide new colleagues.

You can use direct mail to approach a large group of recipients quickly and personally. Companies mainly use Direct Mail to provide information about a new product or to invite the recipient to a party or event.

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