Case Direct Mailing Invitation 5Card

From 6 to 9 September, the International Maritime Fair is in Hamburg (SMM). Due to the many stands, it is essential for companies to distinguish themselves from each other. One of the participating companies is SSI. SSI develops parts for machines that are used, among other things, to separate liquids and solids. To inform customers and contacts of their presence at SMM, they have developed a unique informative exhibition invitation.

SSI's informative exhibition invitation

The 5 Card as a trade fair invitation

At first glance, the well-folded informative exhibition invitation looks like a sleek business mailing and does not reveal much about the content. But when the so-called 5 Card is unfolded, the recipient sees how much information can be found inside. Normally this mailing has 5 areas available for an information text, image or invitation, but 3 insert cards have been added to this informative exhibition invitation. With this, SSI makes optimal use of the space that this mailing offers.

The colorful clear photo that takes up the entire center of the mailing immediately attracts attention and shows what the mailing is about in one field. The surrounding boxes provide more information about the company and the upcoming fair. The separate insert cards give the informative exhibition invitation an original touch. SSI has chosen to place their core values on these cards, making it immediately clear what the company stands for. of the cards are, just like the front, printed in full colour. SSI has chosen to print the back with photos that support the core values.

Informative scholarship invitation for SSI

Because the card unfolds, you remain stimulated; this gets the message out even more. In addition, beautiful color contrast has been used for this exhibition invitation. The outside of this trade fair invitation is printed with a gray print, the message and logo placed in red stand out clearly. When the card is unfolded, you can see the great contrast between the outside and the colored inside, which is printed with a beautiful photo.

Want to send your own exhibition invitation?

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