original business invitation

Ideas for an original business invitation

Do you have an event or exhibition planned, or is there another special occasion waiting for you? Who knows, you may open a new business premises or a branch of your company will be added. Whatever the occasion, you naturally like to involve the right relations in this. The first step towards a great success of your event naturally starts with sending an original business invitation to the invitees. In this blog we give you the best ideas for a business invitation:

A Pop up cube as an invitation

A Pop-up Cube sending as an invitation is a very effective form of marketing. The perfect way to stand out. It increases your chance of success with your invitees. In addition, your original business invitation will be talked about for a long time.

Provide a personal touch

Even with an original business invitation, it is important to ensure that it fits seamlessly with your company. It is therefore important to bring recognisability back to your invitation so that it gets personality. Work with the colors of your logo, the font, in short: match the invitation with your company's house style.

An original business invitation like no other

If you want to send a truly original business invitation, you have several options that you can use. Earlier we mentioned the Pop up cube, but a Confetti card or music card is also very original. These forms of direct mail stand out, give a spectacle, will not be forgotten and will be mentioned a lot. Precisely because they are so original!

To really touch, inform or convince the recipient, it is important that it is inspiring and informative. Therefore, make sure that there are no lengthy texts on it. Keep it short and concise and provide just enough information. This way the recipient knows exactly what to expect. That is of course nice.

One point to keep in mind: too much text is not always read completely. The right visual elements and design provide clear information and are therefore very effective.

Don't reveal everything

When you organize an event, you may be launching a new product or moving into a new building. Of course it is then not necessary to explain everything in the invitation and let the invitation work as a teaser, so that the invitees become curious. You can, however, lift a small corner of the veil, so you can incorporate some elements into the invitation.

Stand out with an original business invitation

Of course you want to stand out with an original business invitation. This one should be anything but uninspired. After all, you want to impress and leave a good impression. Then a sound card from Locomail a real opportunity. You enter in a special way and the recipient will not forget it. Need advice? Please contact us, we are very happy to assist you and together we will make an original business invitation.

We can't wait! Do you?