Organising a business anniversary is not easy. Everyone is watching you and interfering. Also, many things need to be arranged at the same time. The chances of forgetting something are therefore high. That is why we have some rules and tips to make it a top party!

Arrange the location. Ask what is possible in terms of decoration/catering/entertainment

Send a original invitation from LocoMail. Choose the kind of anniversary invitation you want to send and personalise it completely according to your own design. The invitation can include the company logo, a text with information about the anniversary or perhaps a dress code. It can also include clever options such as a QR code that allows people to sign up. That way you know exactly how many people are coming!

Make sure there are catering present. It is important that there is enough food and drink present at the anniversary. Also consider vegetarians or other dietary requirements.

Fill it programme. If you want to make the anniversary personal, you can prepare some acts as colleagues to laugh out loud. Rather not be on stage yourself? Then hire a singer or band, for example!

Ensure transport to the venue. When people want to have a fun party, drinks are often involved. So it might be a good idea to hire a van, which can drop people off somewhere. Possibly you can also hire a hotel nearby, this of course depends on the budget of the anniversary.

Make it clear who the lead has. It is helpful that people know who to address in case there are problems or questions. This ensures that everyone is clear and the party can run smoothly.