Organizing a business anniversary is not easy. Everyone is watching you and interfering. So here are some maxims and organizational tips. From about two months before the anniversary party, you can organize the following:

– Arrange the location. Ask what is possible in terms of decoration/catering/entertainment.

– Send one original invitation, order these about two months in advance. You send the business invitation to the guests by post. The invitation contains the company logo, a text with information about time, location and perhaps a dress code and a nice photo/illustration to get in the mood. To be sure, ask for feedback, for example by placing a QR code on the invitation, which links to a registration page. That way you know how many people are coming.

– Arrange the catering. Don't be afraid to haggle, especially at parties over 100 people, the price can be reduced quite a bit. Please also consider vegetarians, halal, kosher and other dietary requirements. Provide enough salad and bread, then you're always good.

– Arrange entertainment, for example a band. But you can also schedule different 'acts' at the location, such as a quick draftsman, a poker table, a make-up artist, a magician or old-fashioned games such as cookie bites, Jenga or twister.

– Arrange transport to the location or accommodation nearby. When people want to have a nice party, there is often alcohol involved. So it might be a good idea to hire a van that brings people home. Or rent a hotel in the area, whether or not at the company's expense.

– On the day of the party, make sure it is clear who is in charge. It is useful if the catering, people from the location and the guests know who to ask questions.