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Students have had a very hard time recently due to the corona crisis. For a long time they were unable to attend physical education. Secondary school GSL wanted to encourage its students and therefore sent a message in a bottle to every student. Curious about this direct mail product? You can read all about it in this case.

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Our Message in a Bottle mailing is a unique product consisting of a plastic bottle (with the appearance of glass) containing a letter. Often the card in the envelope is unique, but with this product the packaging of the letter steals the show! It immediately stands out among the standard envelopes when it lands on the doormat. This widely used means of communication from the past can be used for any occasion and is extra fun for companies that have a link with water or the sea.

GSL opted for their purple house style color for the sticker and letter, a color that immediately stands out! The sticker read: “Caution: Confidential Information. Especially for you!" On the front of the letter was a photo with text and the back was completely purple. Can't put all the information in one letter? Then you can have a second card put in the bottle. The cards can be printed on both sides. For the paper you can choose from three colors of parchment paper: white, sand and beige. As a result, it fits perfectly with the look-and-feel of messages in a bottle from the past.  

bottle mail-direct-mail-locomail

In the letter, the school said that they think it is very good that the student is holding up during this corona period. “That is very clever, that is a world-class performance, they should have a medal for that”. They expressed their deep admiration for the student and their pride. They concluded with the beautiful words: “Don't be fooled! If you can do this, you can do anything!!”

If desired, we can message in a Bottle address. For an additional charge, we can have the name and address details printed on the message in a bottle. You can choose whether you want us to send the mailing or whether you do it yourself.

Have you become enthusiastic about the message in a bottle? Then ask for one without obligation quotation On. Would you like more information about this direct mail product or another product? Please rest assured Contact with us. If you would like to find out more about our direct mail products, feel free to contact us sample box to request. In addition to the message in a bottle, we have a lot of other unique ones direct mail products.