Case Direct Mailing Turning Card Folding Card Round Groupe Atlantic Netherlands

Our Infinity Card, also called Turning Card, is available in many different forms. Not only in the shape of a square or rectangle, but also in a round shape. Groupe Atlantic Netherlands sent the round Turning Card to inform their customers in a special way about their name change and a tree planting project. You can read below how they designed the round folding cards.


The round Turning Cards consist of four pages that can be folded infinitely. With the four pages you have enough space for your message and any images. With every fold, a new message appears for the recipient. The infinite folding effect makes the Infinity Card an original direct mail and the round shape makes it extra special.

Groupe Atlantic Netherlands chose a beautiful green image for the front of the Infinity Card with the text: 'GO for a sustainable future'. On the second page they chose an image of trees with a text about the Urgenda organization and their MeerTrees project. It also announced the merger of the two companies Orcon and Thercon and the name change.


On the third page of the Turning Card information was given about the various foundations that will plant 1 million trees. The company chose three color areas for the back with the text 'GA for the new heating, cooling and ventilation' and again mentioned the name change and their website. The back is very suitable for contact details.

Due to the size and weight of the round Turning Card, the postage costs of this direct mailing will remain low. This is a nice advantage. Curious about the other Infinity Card? Then view our Turning Card overview page. Do you not want to order a standard shape Infinity Card, but something completely different? That is also possible. We have a special page with custom folding cards. The folding card is available in all conceivable shapes, including the shape of your logo, for example.

Would you like to see and experience this product in real life? Then ask one sample box On. Do you have any questions about this Turning card? Please rest assured Contact with one of our employees. You can also request one without obligation quotation requests for this direct mailing.