Direct marketing examples

Good direct marketing? This is how you do it!

In today's blog you can read some examples of direct marketing that you should know if they are worth it. After all, how do you properly apply that direct marketing in a period where economic conditions are developing at a frantic pace? This is an issue that we see a lot in practice, which is why we bring this topic to light. Curious which examples of direct marketing we refer to? Then quickly read on:

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We often hear around us that companies still often use telemarketing to reach their (potential) customers. But we have huge doubts about that. Because telemarketing is both manpower and capital intensive. And 9 times out of 10 the receiver does not answer. And when the recipient answers, they often hang up quickly. In the past, telemarketing was very interesting, but then we are talking about the era when the internet was on the rise and people increasingly had a telephone. We're already talking about 20 years ago. Past results are no guarantee for the future.

Direct mail

Direct mail is the solution for direct marketing. Why? That's what we're going to tell you now. This example of direct marketing is extremely effective, because the recipient always comes into contact with your message and company once. In addition, there are many designs for direct mail today, such as the Pop-up Cube, change card or the music card to name just three examples. One is incredibly strong because of its surprise effect when opening. The other is very strong, because the message you want to convey can be processed very nicely on the design. This creates a surprise effect, resulting in the top-of-mind thought for the recipient and that is where you want to grow as a company. Us 2e example direct marketing is one that should not be missing in a solid communication strategy.


We have described some examples of direct marketing and most likely after reading the above 2 headings you have concluded that direct mail is the best. Fortunately, Locomail is the partner to apply direct mail. With a wide range of options you can effectively apply direct marketing. Regardless of the scale on which you want to apply direct marketing at Locomail, you can apply direct mail on both a small and large scale. Enabling you to take your communication strategy to the next level and create the top-of-mind thought you want to grow towards.