Case Direct Mailing Sample Box Royal Canin

Royal Canin focuses on offering cat and dog nutrition, individualized based on the animal's preferences and habits. According to Royal Canin, no animal is the same and therefore not every cat or dog should receive the same food. That is why we look at the size, age, life stage and breed of the animals in order to adjust the nutrition accordingly. With the principle 'the animal comes first', 20,000 boxes of cat food were sent to animal practices in the Netherlands. The main message of this direct mail is: 'Give your cat her appetite back with Renal Diet. Test now which Renal Diet your cat prefers!'. The DM packaging contains bags of wet or dry food in various versions to help cats with kidney problems regain their appetite. The owners can use this direct mail to test which food suits their cat best.


Develop a custom-made direct mail product

This manger is a good example of the possibilities LocoMail has for all your direct mail ideas. This sample box is an example of a custom-made direct mail product. Based on the idea of Royal Canin, the possibilities for a DM product were examined, from which this sliding box was created. Are you interested in developing your own direct mail product? Then you can base the design on the existing direct mail products or come up with your own creation. Also check out our others dm examples for getting inspiration for your perfect and unique direct mail product. You can gain insight into how other companies have used existing and new DM products and profiled themselves with them.

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