Free products, that always appeals to the Dutch! But for a company to give away free stuff for fun would be a bit strange. However, printed products are ideal marketing and promotional material. LocoMail makes various give aways, which can be ordered per 25 pieces.

There are different printed ones business gifts, everyone knows the lanyards and notepads, but LocoMail doesn't do that. The give aways must be interesting for the recipient, so that he values your company positively.

You can use the give aways during fairs, with an invitation, as end-of-year gifts, as presents for the holidays or as customer loyalty. Being unique corporate gifts, a brief overview below.


The Kugel is a plastic transparent sphere that can be filled with, for example, candy. A card tells your message. The Kugels can be hung, making it a nice eye-catcher! Ideal for this printed product for example, adding it to a Christmas package, after which people hang the ball in the Christmas tree or somewhere else in the house. But also nice to give away during a fair or event.

Printed scandy

Nice to hand out give-away: unique to us printed candy! We have hearts, peppermints and bacon that you can have printed with your own text and/or logo! Everything is possible. Surprise your customers with unique printed sweets. Of course, these are also suitable for placing on the counter of your company.


The Promotional chewing gum is versatile and adaptable to your wishes, so it is ideal for a variety of occasions. This printed product is completely adapted to your wishes. You can have your own photo, text and background printed on the packaging.


The Round Tins are small aluminum boxes that can be filled with candies or other promotional material. You can use the box with your print logo. Because it is a sturdy box, the recipient will probably not throw away the promotional material immediately, but will keep it for a while.

Versatile and Unique, Sweet and Fresh, Cool and Friendly gesture. The Round Tins have everything to give an event an extra value. For example, to hand out after a presentation or meeting as a thank you, a unique give-away for more brand awareness, or as a nice memento of a company outing.


Small is beautiful. The Sweet Tins are, partly due to their size, ideal Giveaways. The design of the sticker on the front can be completely adapted to your own wishes, so that you have a unique thank you in your hands. Sweet Tin is versatile and adaptable to your wishes, making it ideal for a variety of occasions. You can fill the can with (printed) candies or printed cards.

Why LocoMail?
  • Original mailing products
  • Shipping at attractive postage costs
  • Fast delivery (+/- two weeks)
  • Care of the entire process
  • Total concept
  • No minimum purchase
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