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The folding card, too move card mentioned, you can compare it with a book. This card has the physical and digital properties of a book. We will tell you about the benefits of this below:

Personalize the folding card

First of all, you can personalize the folding card. Now we can hear you thinking, personalize…? You can add your house style colors, logo and slogan to this MoveCard. Why should you do that? As soon as the recipient opens the card, the company, the sender, is recognized immediately. Did you know that by personalizing your means of communication in the style of the company, recipients get a better feeling about it. In the long term, this will create the top-of-mind idea for your relations. And that is what you want to aim for.

More content than a normal map

With a normal card, you only have the front and back where you can place content. That significantly limits your message. Your message is often larger than it fits on a normal card, so you have to shorten your words, which is detrimental to your message. We cover that problem with our folding card. You can make your message very attractive both textually and visually, simply because you have more space.

In addition, you can very well bring different topics to light with our folding card, because our folding card works like a book. There are several pages available. That is also the reason that our folding cards are strong in communication and attractive to our customers.


We can provide and unburden you of your communications. Our folding card, which automatically opens pages by means of a label, has proven to be a powerful means of communication. Wondering if your idea fits our product? Our specialists are happy to help you or request a free sample. Because in today's world, if you don't maintain your relationship with your relations, it's a missed opportunity.

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