Case Direct Mailing Turning Card Tentscape

Tentscape has used the Klapkaart to inform their customers about their products. Tentscape's tents are unique: ''We are developing lighter and stronger tents that are quick and easy to set up and that have more appearance than any other tent. We focus on delivering top quality and tents for which 100% customization is possible.'' This unique tent naturally includes a unique brochure: the Klapkaart from LocoMail. 

Folding card: incredibly versatile

The Turning Card is a unique card that may look a bit ordinary at first glance. But nothing is less true. When you start unfolding the Turning Card, new faces keep appearing. With every fold, a new message emerges. Because this Klapkaart is literally very versatile, the card offers enough space for all information. Different variants are available: from business card (5.5×8.5 cm) to a size of (20×20 cm). Because the Turning Card is available in various formats, this direct mailing is suitable for both a small and a large communication message. Because the recipient has to investigate to find the message, this form of communication will make more of an impression than an ordinary card or brochure. Would you like to send a Klapkaart? No problem! In addition to the Klapkaart itself, the envelope can also be adapted to a personalized design.

Curious about the possibilities of the Klapkaart?

Are you curious about what the Turning Card can mean for you? Then take a look at the website and see what options LocoMail offers. Do you see a suitable product, but is the design not entirely to your liking? Please contact one of the employees, they are happy to think along with you to achieve a successful mailing. And who knows, next time you will send your invitations or brochures with the products of direct mail LocoMail.


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