Case Direct Mailing Turning Card Yourself.

A Klapkaart mailing is a mailing where maximum space is created for communicative purposes on a small surface. The Folding card mailing can be designed in many different ways. LocoMail has specialized in this. For Self. Has a Turning Card been made on which the portal that the company offers is explained.


Yourself. has a portal where people can, for example, place ICT reports, reserve a room or report an incident. The Self. portal is therefore ideal for the office and also very user-friendly. Plenty of reasons to use an effective Klapkaart as a marketing and branding tool for this.

The Direct Mailing is printed in full color in the brand's house style. By flipping the map, a new information area appears each time. Up to 4x! At first glance, the card appears to be a simple, single card. But then it turns out that the card is the 'claps' and can be pushed apart in the middle, so that the sides fold back and a new window appears. Every fold is different: you never make exactly the same movement to reveal a new side. This card is an attention grabber! Perfect if you can't share the information you came up with in 1 short description.

The folding card mailing in your own design and shape. This turning card for Self. is a direct mailing that is square. This is one of many options for this original mailing! Consider, for example, the shape of your logo, also an option. We like to think along with you, in terms of technical knowledge, the employees of LocoMail are forerunners!

Interested in this special mailing? Please take a moment Contact contact us or view the full range spinning cards which can be 'clapped' infinitely! LocoMail is your partner in original direct mailing, we have more than 17 years of experience.