Bloom test in style: Royal Van Zanten and LocoMail

In the colourful world of floriculture and flower innovation, Royal Van Zanten has been known as a thriving company since 1862. They proudly supply an extensive range of cut flowers, potted plants and bulbs worldwide. To announce their latest bloom test of chrysanthemums in an unforgettable way, the company knocked on LocoMail's door.

With a clear vision in mind, Royal Van Zanten chose the Pop-up Card from LocoMail, with the flower itself serving as the radiant centrepiece. The calm look of the mailing, with a light background and inviting text "Pick the summer!" on the front, matched the essence of the company.

The mailing functioned as an announcement of the bloom trial, an event where people could admire the latest results in the greenhouse, engage in conversation with peers and be enchanted by Royal Van Zanten's beautiful flowers.

Together with LocoMail, Royal Van Zanten developed a mailing that was not only visually appealing, but also conveyed the message in a subtle and elegant way. The design of the card was created by Joran van Liempt. As soon as the card was opened, the pop-up flower unfolded as a symbol of growth and flowering, instantly transporting recipients into the colourful world of chrysanthemums.

The response to the mailing was exceptionally positive. Recipients were not only informed about the upcoming flower trial, but were also surprised by the unique Pop-up Card. This collaboration demonstrated the power of creativity and originality and how these elements brought Royal Van Zanten's message to life in an unforgettable way.

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