Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Pop Up Cube Tempo


Tempo is clearly responding to the season with this mailing. Because not only do people suffer from a runny or stuffy nose in the winter, Tempo handkerchiefs also come in handy during this time of the year. The hay fever season is in full swing and 1 in 5 Dutch people suffer from it. Tempo has the solution for those who spend the most beautiful days of the year sniffling: Tempo Plus with a balm to relieve sensitive skin. These handkerchiefs are packed in a special, unmissable hay fever packaging. And this has been extended to the mailing. Because just like the hay fever packaging on the shelves, the floating cube cannot be missed.

Floating cube can be used for all purposes

The floating cube, too Out of the Box Card mentioned, is incredibly versatile in the 90x90mm variant and can therefore be used for all purposes. The example of Tempo and the promotion of tissues in special hay fever packaging is just one example of this. What can you learn from this mailing? The style in which the floating cube is designed fits perfectly with Tempo's house style in other publications. This makes the style recognizable and reinforces the message. Furthermore, Tempo has made clever use of the combination of offline and online marketing in this mailing. On the physical mailing, they refer by means of a QR code and a URL to the website where more information can be found about the amount of pollen in the air, and when, for example, a windy day is coming, on which a lot of pollen will be blown through the air. float. A piece of information to the customer that is related to the product to be sold, but where commerce is not necessarily central.

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