The sound module is placed so that it is automatically activated at an angle of 70 degrees.
Based on 6 kHz, approximately 30 to 34 source sounds can be stored. For the quality, we recommend processing it on the basis of 10 to 12 kHz, which is 15 to 20 seconds of source sound.
  • Lifetime guarantee 1: play at least 200 times at full sound length
  • Lifetime warranty 2: 1 year unused in stock
The turnaround time strongly depends on the number of music cards you purchase and the time you have for the project. For small quantities, you should think of two working weeks of production time, provided that the sound modules are in stock. If these are not in stock, you must take into account seven weeks of production time plus transport. For more questions about this, it is best to contact one of our employees.
Yes this is possible. If you would like to incorporate light into the music card, we ask you to contact us.
The sound for the card must be supplied in separate tracks. This means a separate file for the voice-over and a separate file for the music. You can request detailed delivery specifications from us.