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You only have one chance to make a good first impression. This is therefore very important in business: a clear and special business card is indispensable. You not only put your organization on the map, but also yourself. A company that understood this well is SEP. They ordered LocoMail's Turning Card eye-catching business cards to ensure a good first impression for its employees. But what are the direct benefits of the Turning Card?

Turning Cards as striking business cards

The Turning Card is a DM product which consists of four pages/folds. More information emerges after each fold. In this way, little by little, the receiver receives more and more communication. Due to the playful effect of folding, the recipient does not lose interest. This significantly increases the attention value of this business card product. Because you want to radiate something with a business card, the Turning Card is an excellent choice.Never Ending Business Card

Double the space to impress

Usually a business card only has two sides. The company logo on the front and name, company and contact details on the back. This is really a missed opportunity, as there are so many more options. The Turning Card eye-catching business cards have four fully customizable sides. So you can not only enter the standard data here, you can also tell the recipient immediately what you and your company stand for.

For example, SEP has chosen to add an organization description. What are we doing? What are our mission and vision? A few keywords strengthen the message, but keep it short and powerful. SEP has of course also implemented the house style on the business cards, and the separate elements from the company logo are reflected on every fold.

Are you also looking for eye-catching business cards for you or your staff? At LocoMail you are at the right address. We are happy to think along with you about the best design and the best layout for your direct mail. Feel free to contact us or request a quote without obligation.