Case Direct Mailing Twisty Box Augmented Reality


Commissioned by Comyoo, a specialist in interactive media, we have made a revolving cube for Open Doors. The product, the TwistyBox was deployed at the annual Open Day. Open Doors supports Christians who are persecuted or oppressed for their faith. Open Doors brings Bibles and Christian literature to countries that are closed to it. The revolving cube has been used as an interactive mailing to tell trade fair visitors more about its various products.

How create you an interactive mailing? 

The Twisty Box, in this customer's case, was not just a cube. This is because augmented reality has been used. An important feature of AR is interactive, the person who gets the rotating cube has to do an action to discover the content. A well-known example is the QR code, which can be linked to a business card, website, e-mail or application form. Open Doors used an image in which so-called sensor data had been processed, so that a film was started via the Layar app. (Note: to watch a video, an app must be installed that can read the data). Open Doors decided to make five different variants, where each revolving cube had a message, so its own video. As mentioned earlier, a movie automatically starts when the image (read: box) has been scanned. You do not necessarily have to keep the box straight, but you can just move freely as in the example above. The film also rotates, so that the three-dimensional presentation remains.

The Twisty Box is a unique product that can be posted or given away as a gift. The direct mail we can deliver with a full color wrapper, so that it has the appearance of a gift. Or with a matching envelope if you want to send the Twisty Box by post.


Possibilities Twisty Box

The Twisty Box can be used for various purposes, including an Open Day or a trade fair. Will you soon be at such an event or do you see opportunities in the Twisty Box for other occasions? Then quickly contact one of our employees or request a quote without obligation. It is also possible to request a sample free of charge. Consult the product page of the Twisty Box quickly.