Examples of original direct mailing 

Direct mailing is an efficient way to reach your target group with a personal message. At Locomail we believe that an original approach can have the greatest impact. We offer a range of products that will set your direct mailing apart from the rest. We would like to explain some examples of original direct mailing below. 

Pop-up cube: a unique and original direct mailing 

A Pop-up Cube is an original and striking element in your direct mailing. It is a three-dimensional packaging that presents your message in a fun way. The cube can be used for a variety of purposes, such as displaying a product, giving a gift or inviting to an event. In addition, the name already gives it a little bit… The cube jumps out of its packaging when opened.  

The folding card: an interactive element in your direct mailing 

Folding cards are another original element that presents your direct mailing in an interactive way. The cards are made up of different layers so that a story is told when the card is unfolded. This makes the card fun to receive and look at. This allows you to do storytelling offline. You can include the recipient in a story. You can also add more information, because the card contains more space than a standard mailing. 

The music card: an aural original direct mailing 

Another way to approach your direct mailing in an original way is to add an auditory element. The music cards from Locomail do just that. The cards contain a small sound player that can play a song specially recorded for your company. Both the design and sound can be formatted and designed entirely according to your wishes. This makes the card unforgettable and creates a special experience for the recipient.  

How do you create an original direct mailing? 

To create an original direct mailing, you first need to determine who you want to reach and what you want to communicate. After this you can start designing your mailing. Here are some tips to get you started: 

  • Use attractive images and graphics to grab the recipient's attention. 
  • Use personalization, such as the name of the recipient, to make the mailing more personal. 
  • Provide a clear call-to-action to entice the recipient to take action. 
  • Use a short and concise text so that the recipient can quickly absorb the most important information. 

These are some tips that will help you on your way to making offline marketing a success.  

Locomail your offline partner 

With Locomail's original direct mailing products, you can present your message in a unique and memorable way. Whether it's a pop-up cube, a folding card or a music card, we have a wide range of products that provide an eye-catching and interactive direct mailing experience. This way we ensure that your message stands out from the rest and has a greater impact on your target group. Do you have questions about the possibilities? Our specialists are happy to help you without obligation! Or request one for free sample box On.

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