Endless folding card Noordhoff

The Turning card, also known as the endless folding card, is a modern and innovative form of direct mailing. Something that fits perfectly with Noordhoff's new “Modern Mathematics” teaching package. Thanks to the unique folding technique, the card can be folded endlessly. This keeps the recipient's attention on the card and new information is discovered with every fold. In this blog you can read how Noordhoff communicated the announcement of the new teaching package to Dutch schools.

A modern card for Modern Mathematics

Noordhoff has updated an online teaching package for the subject of mathematics. They wanted to inform Dutch schools of this by means of direct mailing. It has been chosen to do this with a endless folding card, and not just like that. This direct mailing fits in perfectly with Noordhoff's message. The name of the new teaching package is called Modern Mathematics and that includes a modern and innovative card such as this folding card.

Different versions of the card were made depending on the school it was sent to. For example, each map is adapted to the province in which the school is located with its own photo and mathematical form.

Endless folding card Noordhoff

The possibilities of the endless folding card

This modern form of direct mailing can be used for all kinds of purposes. The advantage of this direct mailing is that the recipient interacts with the card, so that attention is held for a long time. In addition, you can put a lot of information on the card, because of the different sides. The folding card can be produced in various shapes and sizes, so that it perfectly matches your message.

Endless folding card Noordhoff

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