Making direct mailing that stands out is not that easy. Consumers have now seen just about everything. Nevertheless, occasionally products appear on the market that are remarkable, such as LocoMail's message in a bottle.

Send bottle mail

The message in a Bottle consists of a plastic transparent bottle with a rolled-up message inside. Because it is a lightweight bottle, this bottle does not have to travel by water, but fortunately can simply be sent in the mail.

The bottle is not sent in an envelope, but the address label is printed on the message in the bottle. This makes the message in a bottle stand out from the rest of the mailings.

Message in a bottle

The message in the message in a bottle is printed on both sides in A5 format. The design, font and layout are all customizable. For example, the message can be made like a treasure map, but also, for example, as a 'secret' love letter, outdated letter or ultra-modern with trendy colors.

The message in a bottle can be ordered per 20 pieces and after approval of one free proof produced within five days.

The message in a bottle is suitable as an invitation for a company anniversary, a company relocation card, as an invitation for a company outing, an invitation for a business anniversary and direct marketing.

The Utrecht company LocoMail makes unique invitations, direct mailing and direct marketing in the Netherlands. You find  direct mailings from LocoMail on LinkedIn. LocoBrands is the parent company to which LocoMail falls.