Direct mailing b2b, why is it indispensable?

Especially for companies, direct mailing B2B is indispensable to achieve customer retention or maintenance. Because did you know that retention is 5 to 6 times cheaper than acquiring new customers. And this is where many companies miss the turn. Why? This is partly because you have to make a one-off investment to get to the attention of your customer(s) and when recruiting new customers, the investment is extended over a longer period of time. And that is where many go wrong. Read why below!

What is Retention?

In the introduction we used the word retention, which is professional jargon in the online marketing world. Retention stands for converting existing customers again, in short: retaining customers. But in practice, companies don't focus enough on retention. Ideally, they want as many conversions as possible regardless of the costs. But dive into your data. How much will it cost you to re-convert existing customers and how much will it cost you to acquire new customers?

What forms of B2B direct mailing are there?

There are countless forms of communication, but for the most original you should come to us, Locomail. Many large and beautiful companies have preceded you. Locomail has an extensive range of unique means of communication, such as the Pop-up Cube. The name says it all, the cube pops out when opened. You can also write your message on the cube or express your appreciation. The same goes for Turning Card. These unique forms of direct mailing ensure that you can put more text in the message. That in combination with an active reminder of and when opening ensures that direct mailing B2B is incredibly strong. But why should you use direct mailing? You can read that below!


You want to create reciprocity with your customer(s). What do we mean by that? If you are willing to do something for the customer, then the customer is more likely to do something for you. Another side effect of reciprocity is that the customer has you constantly haunting his mind, creating the top-of-mind thought that you as a company strive for. Don't miss this opportunity and apply direct mailing b2b in your communications to grow your business to the next level.

Locomail as your partner for direct mailing b2b

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