AVG direct mail 

Direct mailing and GDPR. How is that exactly? We are now all quite aware of what we can and cannot do online according to the AVG privacy law, but the rules for offline communication are not that clear at all. When you focus on direct mail, then AVG certainly plays a role. There are a number of things from the GDPR that you have to take into account when you want to send mail to customers and / or potential customers. Within the GDPR, direct mailing falls under advertising mail, also known as addressed mail when the mail is actually sent by name.  

Is direct mailing allowed under the GDPR? 

No, direct mailing is not always allowed according to the GDPR. A few years ago you were allowed to send direct mailing to anyone, even nationwide door-to-door, by address. Nowadays you can no longer just offer direct mailing to an address. In certain cases this is not allowed. For example, according to the GDPR you are not allowed to send direct mailing to:  

  • Existing customers who objected to direct mail 
  • Non-existent customers who objected to direct mail 
  • Non-existing customers enrolled in the Mail Filter 

What about direct mailing and the GDPR? 

The GDPR is there to protect personal data. It is not allowed to collect personal data for purposes other than those originally indicated. In addition, you may not collect more personal data than you actually need. Did you receive the address from an existing customer when this person placed an order with you? Then you are not allowed to send direct mailing according to the AVG, because you have not collected the data for offering direct mailing. Has an existing or not yet existing customer given explicit permission to offer direct mailing? Then this is of course allowed and the GDPR does not stand in the way.  

Make your direct mailing attractive to every recipient 

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