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In addition to our special Direct Mail products that fall under our categories, we naturally also have room for unique cards that cannot be placed in a box! You will find a card like no other in our Specials Direct Mail products. All cards on this page can be fully personalised. You can get inspiration for your own mailing here. For example, look at the Puzzle Direct Mail: a card that will be delivered in several pieces and thus deliver an active message. Or the Popcorn box, filled with corn kernels for a cool effect and printed in full color corporate identity.

Direct Mailing Sample Box
Locomail Mailing Quotation


Case Direct Mailing Note Card Autocable

A notepad mailing on which you can transfer your message in a playful way. The shape of this card will catch the eye of the recipient!

Popcorn Bake Mailing

Case Direct Mailing Popcorn Box

Personalized Popcorn box mailing that will show off your brand name. The surprising thing about this card is the content: a bag of corn kernels! Will be shipped in a letterbox box.

Puzzle Direct Mail

Case Direct Mailing Special Puzzle

The various separate pieces of this Puzzle mailing give the recipient something to look forward to. Place the Puzzle and find out what message is hidden on the pieces.

Feeder Direct Mail

Case Direct Mailing Special Feeder

Animal event planned? Do you have a company that is characterized by (pet) animals? The original Manger Direct Mail is more than adequate. Printing in your house style.

5Card Self Mailer

Case Direct Mailing 5Card Self Mailer

A unique envelope in which you can put information on and in! The sleek 5-Card self-mailer can be printed on both sides and gives an extra dimension to your Direct Mail product.

Mini T-Shirt Mailing

Case Direct Mailing Mini T Shirt

Looking for something other than a paper card to send as Direct Mail? A Mini T-Shirt with your own print will positively surprise everyone. Cool to get.

Message in a Bottle

Case Direct Mailing Special Bottle Mail

Not an envelope with a card that comes through the mail, but a special transparent Bottle Mail with accompanying rolled up card. Your design on the sticker and letter.

Birdhouse Direct Mail

Case Direct Mailing Special Birdhouse

Birdhouse Direct Mail has a green theme. All sides of this unique card can be printed, in which your house style can also be incorporated. A Unique 3D Direct Mail!


Case Direct Mailing BliQje

Direct Mail in the form of a silver-coloured BliQje, containing a single or double-sided printed card. There are different types of BliQjes available. A sure success!

Pocket Map

Case Direct Mailing Pocket Folder

The Pocket Map with a unique folding technique. A7 format and an inside that unfolds automatically. The Pocket Map can be used as surprising promotional material.

Printed Parking disc

Case Direct Mailing Parking Disc

The Printed Parking Disc is very unique. All sides of the Printed Parking Disc Direct Mail can be printed in full color with your own design and/or house style.

Maltese Cross Card A5

Case Direct Mailing 5Card Self Mailer

Maltese Cross card in A5 format. You determine the print in full color yourself. With insert cards for placing a large amount of information.

Book voucher

Case Direct Mailing Book Voucher Plusworks

This Book Voucher direct mail can be fully personalized by you. On the inside of the card, which contains the cube, there is space for a message or your logo.

Popcorn Card Mailing

Case Direct Mailing Popcorn Bin Ubbink

Personalized Popcorn card that will show off your brand name. The surprising thing about this card is the content: a bag of corn kernels! Print the card as you wish.

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Customized popcorn mailing for Ubbink  

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