writing direct mail

Write direct mail? Start with these 3 tips:

Sending a direct mail can be difficult, because before it reaches the recipient of the direct mail, a major process has already been completed. What makes a direct mail successful and how can you write a direct mail that is successful? We have listed a few great tips for you in this blog, so read on quickly:

Tip 1: GDPR and privacy-sensitive information when writing a direct mail

It is of course important that the direct mail reaches the right person. When sending a direct mail, you are dealing with GDPR and privacy-sensitive information because you are dealing with personal data. That is why it is important to prevent direct mail from falling into the wrong hands. In addition, topicality is an extremely important factor when it comes to sending direct mail.

Tip 2: You write direct mail with the right content

How do you write a direct mail? You do this by not making the mailing too long. When writing a direct mail, it is important that the text is short and clear so that the message of the direct mail comes across immediately. In addition, you use one type of font that is easy to read. A good call-to-action is indispensable when writing a direct mail. That is why you do not write the direct mail from yourself, but from the needs of the recipient.

Of course it is also important to make explicit use of personalization. Personal communication is much more effective. Of course it is important that you have the details of your relationship in order. You always use the first and last name instead of Mr./Ms. In addition, you can use the interests of your relationship that you know about, the place of residence and any hobbies. All points that are addressed in a direct mail writing and can help you send a direct mail that remains etched in the memory of your relationship.

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Tip 3: The design of the direct mail

When you have the right content for a direct mail writing, the design of the direct mail is of course discussed together with the envelope. How do you ensure that the envelope of direct mail is opened and how do you leave an indelible impression?

The following points will certainly help you with this:

  • Be sure to make your relationship curious. You can do this, for example, by adding a give away. This creates a bulge in the envelope that will make the recipient curious. You can also use a colored envelope or have a text printed on the envelope. In this way you arouse the curiosity of the recipient and your direct mail will certainly be opened
  • Different format. An envelope must therefore stand out. You can also create this by using a different material or size of the envelope.
  • Ensure recognisability. Consistently combine your company's house style in the envelope.

The design of the direct mail itself

When you are going to write a direct mail, the appearance of the direct mail must of course also be unforgettable. At LocoMail you can create fantastic direct mail from our various direct mailing designs. The direct mailings available at LocoMail will surprise, enthuse and of course leave an unforgettable impression on the recipient. We have several success stories such as the 'Custom made letterbox box for KLM'.

Some examples of our fantastic direct mailings are:

When you choose one of our direct mailings to write your direct mail, we are sure that you will not regret it. It is of course important to send the direct mail at the right timing.

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